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Bring Down the Birds with The Invisible Man and Dr Watson

Bring Down The Birds features lots of music before 6pm only some of which relates to birds, and profiles a Bird of the Week (usually after 6pm), including a random 'Birdie Bit' of the week: a small and hopefully interesting chat about birds and their lives... and there's more music...and interviews...and a 'Waits of the Week' - a Tom Waits tune for all occasions. Strap yourself in & take flight with the Invisible Man & the good Dr Watson


Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our Business Subscribers:

Indig-we-do - bushland restoration: weed control, revegetation, consultation                                              PH: 0417 510 952  Mark Ashby



Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our human and non-human subscribers:

Otto Speedypaws, Evie & Carrie Conure, John Quarrion, Dodo, Christian Loacca, Pierre Bear, Judith Watson (UK), Carol (Badger Creek), Bird From Nangana, Jock McHale & Rosie Flores, Ollie & Pez...and One Dead Pigeon.

Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our community group subscriber:

Selby Folk Club

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