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Chick Habit with Sally and Michelle

Chick Habit consists of two cool chicks playing music by other cool chicks and talking about how cool chicks are. It started out in 2007 under the name Trompe le Monde, but back then we were just mucking around, playing various subgenres of alternative rock and talking shit for two hours. Over the last couple of years, the show has progressed into something more specific. We became increasingly frustrated with the lack of representation of women in the music industry, and the manipulation of women to fit a certain image created by the dude bros in charge. ‘Women in Rock’ became a subgenre of rock itself, played sporadically, as a novelty, “it’s good to see the girls having a go”.

We play primarily women artists, not just to simply level the imbalance, but to explore the variations and incarnations of “Girl Music”. We want to reclaim “Girl Music”, not as a category, but as a symbol of the creativity an artistry born from resistance. We reckon girls make great music because they have to work so damn hard to get it heard, and to get it taken seriously.

We also want to celebrate the diversity of “Girl Music”, to unhinge any reductive ideas about gender within the music world, and to break down restrictive ideas about what women should sound like, look like, and act like. Chick Habit seeks to support women, femme, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQIA+ artists, and to explore feminist ideas through a range of musical genres.

We are still just mucking around, playing music that we like. It just so happens that the music we like is usually made by chicks. It’s a habit of ours.


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