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Folk on the Fringe with Phil Young

‘On the fringe of the city on the fringe of the day’ since 1996.

Folk On The Fringe - the show where ‘Music is a passion not a product’ brings you music from the Folk genre and it’s fringes including Singer/songwriter, Canadian, Celtic, Americana, Anglo-Trad, Folk/Country and all points in between and either side. Focusing on International artists. Presented by Phil young and assisted by Ron King. Regularly including Ron’s Rant – four tracks in the first half hour of the show, selected and presented by Ron and a local gig guide in the middle of the show. New music is featured most weeks along with previously available material, occasional live performances by guests, phone and recorded interviews. The show is pre-programmed and as such phone-in requests are not catered for. Civil comments and queries from listeners are however, welcome; either by phone during the show on 9752-5678 (please do only call while recorded music is playing), by text to 04 971 02000 or by email to and don’t forget… ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t, but if you do… take pictures.’

Phil and Ron would like to thank the following Folk On The Fringe show subscribers:

Nick Charles

Reid Stevens


Shauna Rochforsd-Sproull

Louise Hird

Helen Edwards


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