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The Dotted Line with David Miller






'Dotted Live' music each week from Forest Park Homestead.


"Your support for independent musicians is unparalleled and is so very much appreciated" The Humbuckin' Pickups


Coming Up on Wednesday 19th September




The Dotted Line would like to thank the following: 


Performer Subscribers

Jenny Biddle     |     The Bean Project     |     Luke Robinson

Tom Bolton     |    Leigh Sloggett     |     Carolyn Oates

Tina Nabb     |     Eddie Cole     |    Girl On The Hill

Hannah Schmidli     |     Paul Tov     |     Duplicity

Moonshine Coalition     |     folkTrain     |     Artie R

Bianca Rose     |     Benoit     |    The Jam Tarts Trio



Listener Subscribers

  Lyn from Mt D  

Michelle from Budgeree     |     Ren & D from Nazza Wazza

David from Emerald     |     Cath from Wesburn

Graeme from Mont Albert

     David from Mt D    



Community Group Subscribers

Selby Folk Club


Selby Community House


Business Subscriber

SCAD Design



Friends of The Dotted Line

Pierre from Warbie     |     Mitch from Emerald

Tex from Seaford     |     Tony from Springvale

David from Ohio     |     Andrew from Woori Yallock


The Dotted Line would like to thank all of our most excellent listeners and supporters.


If you're interested in playing LIVE on The Dotted Line, drop us a line via


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