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Bring Down the Birds with Dr Watson

Bring Down The Birds features lots of music, only some of which relates to birds, and profiles a Bird of the Week (usually after 7pm), including a random 'Birdie Bit' of the week: a small and hopefully interesting chat about birds and their lives... and there's more music...and interviews...and a 'Waits of the Week' - a Tom Waits tune for all occasions. Strap yourself in & take flight with the good Dr Watson.


Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our Business Subscriber:

Indig-we-do - bushland restoration: weed control, revegetation, consultation                                                                                         PH: 0417 510 952  Mark Ashby


 Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our human and non-human subscribers, donors and supporters:

John Quarrion, Hummingbird, Judith Watson, Maggie Moo, Mango's Pretty, Ollie & Pez, Tony Blake, Peter Bell, Leanne McLean, Bill Lovebird, Dave Aitken, Tony Blake, Chris Vassos, Carole (Badger Creek), Mike Swan, Non, ...and One Dead Pigeon.

Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our community group supporter:

Selby Folk Club   - check out their feature artist and support act on the first Fri of the month, live and acoustic! Selby Community House, 1 Minak Rd, Selby, Vic.

 Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our performer subscriber:

Southbound Troubadours


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