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Bring Down The Birds features a range of music genres, and profiles a Bird of the Week (which sometimes turns out to be anything but a bird because let's face it, the whole world is amazing, not just birds!), and often includes a random 'Birdie Bit' of the week: a small and hopefully interesting chat about birds and their lives... and there's more music...and a 'Waits of the Week' - a Tom Waits tune for all occasions. Strap yourself in for an hour & take flight with the good Dr Watson.

Bring Down The Birds would like to thank our human and non-human subscribers, donors and supporters:

John Quarrion, Hummingbird, Judith Watson, Spyro the ageing badger dog, Maggie Moo, Mango's Pretty, Chunky Cocky, Ollie & Pez, Tony Blake, Biff, Leanne McLean, Bill Lovebird (UK), Dave Aitken, Vern Butterworth, Chris Vassos, Carole (Badger Creek), Mark Watson, Mike Swan, Shauna & Alison Hanly.

Peter Bell (3MDR BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!), Damien Sugden (another 3MDR BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!!) 

 Bring Down The Birds would like to thank performer subscribers:

Poor Xcuse (Chris): and yet another 3MDR BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!

Southbound Troubadours



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