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Heart Hour with Joanne Aldridge

As the name suggests, Heart Hour is an hour dedicated to all things heart related; love, relationships, boundaries, grief, healing, purpose, passion... the list goes on.  We'll be covering it all! 
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Joanne is an intuitive, energy healer, way shower and spiritual mentor who moved to the hills a few years ago in order to find more joy, love and connection; something Joanne is passionate about sharing with the listeners.
Joanne has a science background in Human Movement (& Management) but 10 years ago started to apply the anatomy and physiology knowledge to understand the body in a more subtle way.  Joanne completed a 2 year full time diploma of Energetic Healing and Meditation Facilitation in 2011.  Joanne has been working part time as a healer, intuitive and mentor ever since, while also incorporating her passion for photography in various corporate roles. Last year Joanne decided to pursue her passion of service work, full time.  Lockdown and the subsequent psycho-social impacts prompted Joanne to create Heart Hour as a way to support the community she loves so much in navigating these changing times, with a little more grace and ease. 
The first half of each show will be talking about healing, meditation and other useful topics and tools.  You can use these to connect in more deeply with your own heart, to experience more joy, love and connection. 
In the second half of each show, Joanne will be taking your heart related questions and answering them from life experience, training and an intuitive/psychic perspective.  Some of these questions may be answered in person or Joanne will answer ones that have been sent in during the week or even texted during the show! 
Music will always be heart or healing related in some way.  Please listen in to the lyrics :)
Heart Hour is an hour dedicated to listening deeply and loving yourself more wholly, every Wednesday from 10-11am.
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