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Mind, Body & Spirit with Jay & Friends

Welcome to "Mind, Body & Spirit"

In this series of programs, we will be discussing a range of topics designed to provide the listeners with information and advice on how to improve and enhance their lifestyles through a myriad of opportunities which they may not be aware of or need further information about. Aside from discussing community based groups, activities, events and programs, we will also be delving deep into the fields of complimentary therapy services which we believe either require further explanation, demystification or clarification. Each week, a professional or expert, working within the selected field of the week's topic, will be invited onto the program to discuss and provide insight into that topic and listeners will be invited to either call in or text the program to ask questions of the guest. We will also provide contact details of the guest in the event that listeners wish to contact that person separately from the airing of the program episode.

About the Program Presenter

Subsequent to military service, Jay worked as a qualified professional within law, economics, education and public speaking. Several years ago, through a desire to provide help to others, he elected to follow his passion and through professional training and dedication, now works within the fields of psychology and therapy. He is an expert on the use and power of the subconscious mind and runs a thriving business which provides clients with the skills and tools which they require to deal with trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety, goal setting and relationships, to name but a few of the many challenges facing individuals within today's society.






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