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Pay It Forward with Michelle Richardson

Pay it forward 

The Pay It Forward radio show is based on the recognition and assistance for people to improve their Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.  This will include discussions and interviews with practitioners from a variety of traditional and alternative health and fitness methodologies.

Subjects discussed on this show will cover health areas such as weight loss advice, simple and easy fitness tips, injury, illness and treatment support.

All of this will be interspersed with a variety of suitable music plus as many listener call in’s that can be fit on the program.

The show will also promote all forms of local community based health and fitness programs that are available to all members of the community.

And with our many special guests from across the local and national and international health community you will be able to hear these professionals talking about their inspiration and actions of how they found positive outcomes. 

My inspiration in commencing this show was based on the humbleness of the movie, Pay It Forward, which made me realize the importance of making a positive difference in our lives as well as that of others.

I wish to continue the vision that was started first started in the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, released in 1999 and then followed up in the movie of the same title. After the release of the movie many organisations and individuals put into action the basic philosophy of Pay It Forward and this radio show will continue on in the same journey.

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