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Ramjam with Russ T & Guests


In the night sky, you can only see about 4,500 stars with the naked eye
- just a tiny fraction of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Same way...
There’s a whole galaxy of great music out there, soooo much great music!
and we see only a tiny fraction of it.

Join me (Russ) and guests on Ramjam for an inter-galactic journey of exploration,
through time and space, to expand horizons and find the bright shining stars of the music universe.

We might take you to any constellation, but usually you’ll find us orbiting around Indie, Blues Rock,
Post-punk, Garage, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, and Electronica. We can take you to the strangest, far away places, but get you back right on time right here in Australia. 

Every second Saturday from 2-4pm. 


I wish to give a big thank you and shout out to everyone who has subscribed to Ramjam...

Angela B from Ettalong Beach, NSW

Steve C from Parkdale

Angus C from Northcote

Kresimir F from Mt Waverley

John H from Selby

Tony from Springvale

Tania&Paul from Caulfield South

Felicity J from Wellington, NZ

Mick L from Ferntree Gully

Amanda M from Forest Lake QLD

Charles S from Brunswick East

Shane W from Clyde

Rod W from Beaumaris

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