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The Green Room with Bronwyn

The Green Room

On the program we will be showcasing new and emerging artists work, often playing 2 or sometimes 3 tracks from albums to give you a little more of a feel for their music than you would normally hear from presenters on shows playing just one track.

When possible we will also have some live music in the studio from touring bands and guest visitors telling us about their musical journeys.

We will also be putting new material out on the air waves from some of our other more experienced artists and I will no doubt also indulge myself with the odd track from my favourite artists as well. I unashamedly call this my little pay off.

The general genres will be Rock, Roll, Blues, Soul, Folk, up beat Country and even a bit of Regae and Ska if something interesting comes along. So not really genre specific but working with a feel for a little while before moving on to another area. I even encourage people to make requests so I hope you join us.

ciao Bronwyn


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