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The Wind Up with Dougie and Wayne

Are you lonely on a Tuesday morning? Do you often wonder if there is somewhere in radioland that you can go to hear inspiring conversation between the hours of 7 and 9am?

Well there isn't.

But, you can hear 2 men talking about random topics and playing tasty selections of music in between... if you'd like.

For a more detailed description of our playlist I would suggest these tags... alternative; folk, hip-hop; neo-soul; blues; mellow; acoustic; electronic; live;

Definitely no screamo or Susan Boyle (until Susan Boyle releases a screamo song, or, a screamo artist covers Susan Boyle at which point, we'd consider it.)

The Wind Up would like to thank the following Business Subscribers

The General Foodstore PH: 03 5968 3580

Premier Builders Group P/L PH: 1300PREMIER

Rough Edge Art PH: 0419 882 844

Eye Candy Graphics  MOB: 0413721164

On Display Photography  MOB: 0409352380

Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers - 

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